Artist Theater in The National Theatre of Iceland 03 FEB 2011 The Artist theater Artists Snorri Asmundsson, Asdis Sif Gunnarsdottir, Ingibjorg Magnadottir, Ragnar Kjartansson, stage artist Ragnar Isleifur Bragason, dancers Saga Sigurðardottir and Margret Bjarnadottir have in the passed three months, alongside guest artists from different sectors, staged new performances every two weeks in the National Theatre of Iceland. The well known Armann Reynisson, writer and life spector has been their host. The setup is a mixture of “Soirée” and a theater of artists. An evening where artists share their recent works for themselves and for an audience. Finalised works have been exhibited and experiments have been made with performances and the structure of the theater. The Artist theater was originally founded in Klink og Bank in the year 2004. Artist from different directions gathered there to stage their art like in today´s Artist theater. The works were rarely rehearsed and the artist would perform in each others works. In the year 2010 “Soirée” evenings were also thrown in the homes of the artists in Reykjavik, they were smaller events but in the same format. In The Artist theater the audience can expect anything. The feedback to the performances have been strong and seem to be significant in icelandic cultural life. It seems like it is the exact right time for this kind of dialogue, that the issues are touched upon not only through theoretical foundation but through works being made, build and performed. The risky step is taken of bringing the visual arts into the traditional theater enviroment to reveal the creational essence of the performance. The theater is most of the time a great and vast establishment where experiments like The Artist theater is performing are not allowed. That which gives The Artist theater even more freedom is the freedom from financial benefit. What has been especially interresting about this cooperation and it´s result is the joy of creation during work. The joy of creation is often hidden in the final outcome of art and is therefore totally hidden from the audience unlike what takes place in The Artist theater , there the process of creation is often in real time and very visible. The phenomenon of The Artist theater is in fact undefined, founded by performance artists who had the need to have a go at existing methodology and format of performances and the theater. In Iceland there exists a strong tradition for the art of performances, here a very unique scene has evolved. A scene that surely needs to be regularly explored. Our size and geometrical isolation certainly effects this need. These evenings have created a wholesome discussion amongst visual artists and theater artist. The evenings have been highly praised and guest are unanimous about he importance of this new element in the cultural life. The artist theater wants to evolve, awaken and contribute to all people who are ready to accept.