Beauty Camp Weekend at the Living Art Museum in Reykjavik 05 JUL 2009 The weekend 10th - 12th of july the Beauty Camp Weekend did take place at living art museum. Artist Snorri Asmundsson teamed up with fashion designers Dagny Berglind and Anna Soley to form the greatest trend setter team of it;s time. At this Beauty Camp Weekend people was introduced to a new wave in both beauty and classy behavior and to teach icelandic people to rise up and shine. Snorri has just arrived back to his home country after a stay in Paris where he spent his time learning about this new wave of good manners, behavior and beauty. Need there be no introduction to Iceland;s most daring and fashionable beauties Snorri teamed up with, both Dagny Berglind and Anna Soley work at fashion shop Sputnik and at the B5 club in Reykjavik. The Beauty Camp Weekend did start on Friday the 10th of july with a lecture on typical icelandic behavior which will result in throwing away these old ideas of poor taste which this country suffers so much from and bring in the new wave! On Saturday at 1pm the Beauty Camp started with a blast and an extreme makeover of some well chosen individuals. On Sunday at 3pm the 12th of july we ended the Beauty camp with a grand table discussion.