Beauty Swift Generation Revolution 18 NOV 2009 “This book is meant for enlightened individuals in any age group and in various states of maturity. You can read explanations of the ways of life and how they have manifested themselves to the author, all instructed by the Universal Awareness”. Thus begins the back cover sum-up of Beauty Swift: Generation Revolution by the Trio Spiritus Sanctus, about the revolutionary “Beauty Swift” scheme, so y’all should be in for a treat. Snorri Ásmundsson, visual artist and the kingpin of this instalment of a book, has always had a good relationship with the universal awareness. This time around, it has asked of him to convey the message of beauty. In the book several makeovers are documented and you can read small interviews with a few of the subjects whose lives were turned to the better by their involvement. In the epilogue, Snorri hopes he has given his readers a taste of where we are going in our existence and a better understanding of life. If this is something you long for, I’d recommend you’d give it a try, for Snorri is known both to conjoin people of different cultures and help people experience previously-unknown epiphanies.