Hnakkar og Skinkur 18 JUN 2011 Hnakkar (Icelandic for “the necks”, referring to macho, vain, meat-headed males) and skinka (Icelandic for “ham”, referring to fake-tanning, bleach-blonde, skanky females) are the outcast of humankind and their existence contributes to deterioration. Their "satanic" and subnormal vanity keeps their eyes shut from maturity and progress. Is it possible to help these people to awaken? Disgusting hnakkar and skinka scum need to open up to other possibilities, surrender their weapons and become willing to mature. They have to discard being slaves of vanity and tastelessness and take a step forward out of the consumption pattern of stupitity. To buil-up a healthy and constuctive society we have to set healthy role models and good examples is stead of the barbaric culture we are offering to our children today. The media has to consider carefully who they hire, they have to face up to their responsibility. The trashy, stupid culture and the societies restricted vision were the main reasons for the finacial crisis. The doers were only the victims of the growing greediness of society. A well awakened human being who has established awareness with life and the almighty does not use intoxicants like alcohol or other concuption debauchery to numb the fear. For the human being fear is essential, especially when travelling in an unknown territory. Fear is an emotion the human being can conquer by facing it, not by numbing oneself from it. It is the responsibility of artists to contribute to the awakening so that human kind can evolve normally and in line with nature.