Kjarval Division at the Living Art Museum 02 AUG 2011 In the year 2012 people will wake up to dream towards memory. People will have a chance to acknowledge the existence of Shalania. This is an amazing adventure. Almost more phenomenal than the minds of creative people can imagine. See everything and feel everything but knowing that all is just an elementary particle of the rest. More can be verged upon through the Tree of Knowledge. The harvest of the fruits growing from there can be felt and seen at the exhibition of the Kjarval Division at the Living Art Museum. You have the opportunity in the year 2011 to launch exactly this time line into movement. KJARVAL DIVISION Annakim Violette - Franz Graf - Guðny Guðmundsdottir - Helgi Thorsson - Hulda Vilhjalmsdóttir - Jonathan Messe - Laufey Eliasdottir - Morgan Betz - Nonni Ragnars - Olafur Larusson - Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson - Snorri Asmundsson - Steingrímur Eyfjord - Valgarður Bragason.