In Memory Of A Dear Friend Thorvaldur Thorsteinsson (7. Nov. 1960 - 23. Feb. 2013.) 15 MAR 2013 I want to thank my dear friend Thorvaldur for all the seeds he sowed during his lifetime. He will be greatly missed by many. His energy and spirit gave life to many artists. He was a true servant of creativity and an excellent spokesman. Our conversations were always mind opening and encouraging, I have so much to thank for. It was a true privilege to be able to accompany Thorvaldur to Antwerpen and live there with him, Helena and the little nutter. Thorvaldur left me many treasures and gave me good nourishment for the road ahead. I remember many years ago he said to me: "Snorri, I envy you for being able to be anything you like, whereas I always need to be the chairman of the student association". These words woke me up and encouraged me. I personally know of quite a few well-respected contemporary artists who have told me that his encouragement was the reason they decided to pursue art to begin with, so there are many of us that have enjoyed his generosity. Although this great artist and thinker has said good bye to his earthly body, we are spiritual companions on an astonishing and eternal voyage. Thank you and good bye for now dear brother, I look forward to seeing you where we can compare our experiences.