Powerflame 21 OCT 2008 The Healing Paintings For th last years Snorri Ásmundsson has developed a spiritual painting technique. His Healing Paintings are known to have a Healing Power and have awoken strong reactions to those who have experienced the paintings. Snorri has this to say about the project; “ It started 10 years ago when I realized the spirit of Life that shines from me. That’s why I started giving the extra Power that I don’t have to use for myself to the paintings. Many things can come up while I’m making the paintings so I have to be very well balanced and connected to my higher power to send this great healing power into the paintings. I’ve have very much enjoyed magnificent stories from owners of The Healing paintings which have encouraged me to keep up the work. Sometimes there are many months between the painting periods because like I said I have to be extremely mentally balanced to paint them. My colleagues have told me that they think it is so unlike me to make this kind of Art, but that’s exactly where the dog lies buried; I’m using my extra power in other peoples advantage. The Healing paintings are not only beautiful but also a spiritual energy fund. I want the world to be beautiful and there is never enough beautiful power and thoughts going around in our atmosphere, that is so often filled with greed and rage”