Running for president of Iceland 21 OCT 2008 The 6th president of Iceland? (2004) The artist, Snorri Asmundsson, ran for the President of Iceland. Over a one year period the artist presented himself publicly as a Presidential candidate, participating in debates, collecting votes and disturbing the conservative idea of how and what this candidate should be. Regardless of these facts, the artist was dedicated to win the election and have an old dream come true. 20. mars 2004 Article written for “Lagakróka” (2004 publication) Published by ELSA, the European Law Students Association.- Icelanders are now at a turning point as, I believe, I will be taking over the presidential office from Mr. Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson this summer. It is a great honor to be walking in the footsteps of Icelanders such as Sveinn Björnsson, Ásgeir Ásgeirsson, Kristján Eldjárn, Vigdís Finnbogadóttir and Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson. This is an opportunity that I will use to it’s fullest. To serve the nation and be her honor, her sword, her shield is an exalted and noble goal. The thought of being the sixth president of the Icelandic Republic fill me with both joy and pride. The number six also has great personal implications and symbolism for me. We Icelanders are outstanding in most fields, including the art of surviving famine, famine being nature’s way of separating the chaff form the grain. Many have pointed at Snæfellsjökull as one of the strongest energy centers in the world and of course we utilize this power, though it is not harnessable in traditional ways. I have sometimes felt that the natural resources of this land have been given position over the wealth of human resources here available. I find that disappointing, as we Icelanders are rich with innumerable talents yet to be tapped. We need to wake the nation up and change its attitudes, break free of the American consumer culture, encourage the nation to stand together and live with our original and natural traditions, rich in romanticism. Here is also an opportunity for Icelanders to become an example for the world, proving that positive spiritual and intellectual wealth is just as important as the economic kind. I care about all of our people, and this spark of love fills me with a desire to open my arms wide and share blessings, at each and every possible and impossible opportunity. My father was a lawyer and as such it warmed my heart to be asked to write a piece for this publication. My father studied law at the University of Iceland, almost under duress as he had more interest in going out to sea. His mother, though, demanded that he finish his University education. He was my hero, I admired him. As a child I couldn’t believe he wasn’t president of the country, as smart as he was. I told him once that I wanted to be a lawyer just like him, but later I decided to set my goal even higher. My life has taken a path different from my predecessors, and my experiences are unlike theirs. Instead of taking the straight road through my education, I dedicated myself to a lifestyle of drinking and all that goes with it. I landed in all sorts of adventures, both good and bad. My judgment, of course, flew out the window during my drinking, and I offended not only my community, but my own sense of self. Some of my cohorts found they’d had enough, and pointed out to me that there were alternatives. Thankfully I listened, and now I live a healthy life. I owe the Icelandic people to be of use to them and to give access to my talents. I am positive that Mr. Grímsson is a very talented man himself, and that he will be leaving a well-set house in my hands. I swear to care for the nation as my own child. Matthías Jochumson said that Icelandic children were the most beautiful in Scandinavia and it was the responsibility of parents and friends to make sure that they never went hungry. We are a small nation, yet Icelandic beauty has always inspired Europeans as well as those from other continents, and we can do the same with our positive and progressive attitudes if we give them the opportunity. Let us be proud and affirmative, and open our arms to the world because she needs it. Now begins the sixth chapter in the Republic of Iceland. Snorri Ásmundsson